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   We long admired Ch Mephisto and hoped to find one of his daughters to add to our breeding program. We found this beautiful bitch and she has been everything we could have hoped for. Her first Wooly litter proved the combination works beautifully.

   "Grace" is pictured here out of coat, but full of spirit and attitude. We hope to be able to get a good photo showing her in "full dress".

Sire: Ch.T-Ho For Whom The Bell Tolls "Ch.Mephisto"
Dam: Vici's Brimstone-N-Lace

The handsome Ch Mephisto, sire of Grace.

                                         Can Sel Ch, Am Ch Jericho's Gatineau HT TC ROM
                         Ch  Asgard's Big Ben of Encore ROM

                                            Asgard's Baja of Jolyn ROM
Ch T-Ho's For Whom The Bell Tolls CGC HIT TC TDI  ROM
                                             Sel Ch Brentaryl's Gunner ROM
                        T-Ho's Shot Gun Weddin v Barque
                                              Ch T-Ho's Tainted Love TC, ROM

                                Viciís Moulan Rouge
Ch Ardric's Stromberg
                                                                             Am/Can Ch Hylockís The Preacher
             Hylock's Heather of Ve-Laur
                                                    Vici's Brimstone-N-Lace
                                                                                             Ch Harvey's Nevada
Betsy Ross v Pilgrim
                                                                                              Janry Campaigner's Hot Tip