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Italian Charms




           Hard to find Italian Charms for the Dog Enthusiast!

and now a brand new GSD Mug


   They are the hottest items at the shows -- bracelets with your breed, your titles, your awards, your kennel name --

    Like most dog fanciers we know, we have scoured the internet, the dog shows and many other places in hopes of finding the charms to celebrate our victories and  love for the breed. Even when we found the AKC title charms, they were few and far between, not to mention at a premium price.

   So we became determined to find those charms desired by our fellow fanciers - and at a price that was reasonable.

   We have been very successful and now are pleased to be able to introduce you to our site presenting Quality Dog Charms at Affordable Prices.


Please visit us often to see the ever growing choice of dog-related designs.

If you know of a title that we should add to our list, please contact us.

   And for those of you who have purchased charms from us and referred your friends, we thank you. We will continue in our attempt to become a truly complete and AFFORDABLE supplier to the dog fancy.

                                                            Karen Fisher