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Canadian Champion
ShadowValley DareToCompare Willimar 
                  5/25/06 - 2/18/08 8:45am 

 The saddest time in my life was letting my beautiful boy go.....There are no words for the deep stabbing pain in my heart....

In the just under 21 months that i had him....he was the clown in my life and made everything i did with him fun... wanting only to please me and do things right. He showed his heart out for me.. even tho he could have cared less about being in the ring.....

He truly loved his herding experience!!!! It showed what a gutsy brave boy he was even tho he was just a baby at the time.

He fought the brave battle to stay with me, but when the
time came i knew he shouldn't have to be tortured anymore!  The "look" in his eye was there..... Rainbow Bridge was a happier place for my gorgeous whittle man.........

I am sure the tears will one day end......but its like he opened a flood gate in my heart......there will always be that corner that is empty cus he isn't with me anymore.
Good-Bye my wonderful beautiful Ace man.....:-(

Ch.Aramist's Zillion Dollar Guy
Can.Sel.Ch.Willimar's Olivia v ShadowValley,  TC,OFA

Breeders: Chris Willis/Kelly Kriesch/Jeff Plye
Own/Loved by: Karen Fisher
Handler/Trainer:Sue Mayes-Witham

Thank you to Chris/Kelly/Jeff for letting me be a part of this great dogs brief life....i am truly sorry it ended so early.  It leaves a deep hole in my heart and soul!! :

:-( Karen

Best of Breed - Flint Specialty


Excerpt from: "Christmas Eve at the Rainbow Birdge"
Its seems to say it all.........

."Let me share with you this love of mine, always and forever. When you need me, know that I am here. I have not left you for I am in your heart where I belong.

Our love is eternal as is the brilliant glow of candlelight which illuminates the path to the heavens and Rainbow Bridge. I wait patiently as do you for our inevitable and glorious reunion. I love you, I love you, I love you."


Getting his Canadian HIT

Ch Aramist's Zillion Dollar Guy Can Sel, Am/Can Ch Breauhasen's Titanic OFA
Am/Can GV Champion Aramist Ivana of Kolbrook ROM OFA
Am Ch, Can Sel Ch
Willimar's Olivia v ShadowValley,TC OFA
Ch Baa Baa Black Sheep of Edan OFA TC CGC TDI
Treu's Say It Isn't Zo of Edan,OFA Prelim H&E